How to wear an Oxford Shirt

How to wear an Oxford Shirt

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt – 5 New Ways


how to wear an oxford shirtBy now you know that my mission is to make fashion simple. You also know that the core of Achievable Fashion is The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe. Once you build the Ultimate Wardrobe you will get way more from way less. You will love your closet, no more pulling your hair out each time you enter the black hole you now refer to as a closet!

Anytime I find information pertaining to Ultimate Wardrobe items I get a bit excited. That’s because with the right wardrobe essential, aka The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe you will have unlimited looks. You will always have something to wear! I love this, 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Old Oxford – Redbook Mag.

The oxford is part of The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe. It is in our  Fall / Winter Add-on Guide. We show you how to wear an oxford shirt on our site, here are 5 more clever ways. The more ways we can mix our basics the better!


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I believe fashion caters to Hollywood and the fashion elite, those with a ton of time and a ton of money.
I believe that the non – Hollywood / non – fashion elite (who I like to affectionately call the masses) find it daunting to keep up with fashion & beauty trends.

It has become my mission to create a bridge that connects Hollywood and the fashion world to the closets of the masses! I spend my time searching for the best in fashion & beauty. By best, I mean information that helps the masses along their fashion & beauty journey. I organize the info in one place making it easy to find! Fashion made simple!

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