Magazine to your Life – Add The Tassel Trend to Your Jewelry Box!

Magazine to your Life – Add The Tassel Trend to Your Jewelry Box!

Add The Tassel Trend to Your Jewelry Box!

Tassle magazine to real life 001Greetings,

Tassel Trend – I love my job! I have it made it my mission to create a bridge from the fashion world, runways and magazines, to your closet. You have heard me say it before and you will most likely hear me say it again, I believe the fashion world caters to those who are size 2 or less, and to those with a ton of time and a ton of money. Lucky, Achievable Fashion caters to the rest of us.

I search through the sea of fashion and beauty info and find real alternatives for us everyday ladies, or what I affectionately call the masses. Here is a great example of magazine to your closet, tassel trend. I found this tassel necklace flipping through In Style Magazine. It is beautiful for sure, however if you look at the price tag…YIKES 32,500!!! Now, if you are able and willing to spend that, great. I am not here to say there is anything wrong with that. However, I know lots of people and I don’t know one who is able/willing.

Along with running Achievable Fashion I also sell Premier Designs, fashion jewelry. I love Premier Designs for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons is because they are spot on with the trends. Along with that they are very affordable for the masses. Next to the high end version you will see our tassel necklace. I know the photo is a bit rigged, however I am here to find high end alternatives, not create art-worthy photos. When I show alternatives, I am never looking for exact matches, just a similar look and feel.

If you like the tassel trend, check out our version in the Spring 2015 catalog pg 17.

Bringing the magazines to your life!

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