Fashion Rules – Clinton Kelly’s Style Rules

Fashion Rules – Clinton Kelly’s Style Rules

Fashion Rules – Clinton Kelly’s Style Rules


fashion rules I feel like I have hit fashion pay dirt with this search. This is the 3rd great article I found in a matter of 5 minutes. Some days my searches yield nadda, so this is great! As you know, one of my goals is to fill your fashion & beauty tool box with many tips and tricks. The more we fill our fashon & tool boxes the easier our journey. I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get!

I love fashion rules. I think that if we are to ever master fashion, we must know the rules. Once we know the rules we can then bend and break them as we see fit. Clinton Kelly’s fashoin rules are always spot on! I wish he could be my personal stylist. I found this, Clinton Kelly’s Style Rules – on Woman’s

With 9 fashion rules in all, you are sure to learn a tidbit or two that will help along your fashion journey. My biggest aha, is that the band of our bras are supposed to do the work… I always thought the straps were the heavy. I now know I have to go bra shopping!

A tidbit about the Achievable Fashion Magazine

I believe fashion caters to Hollywood and the fashion elite, those with a ton of time and a ton of money.
I believe that the non – Hollywood / non – fashion elite (who I like to affectionately call the masses) find it daunting to keep up with fashion & beauty trends.

It has become my mission to create a bridge that connects Hollywood and the fashion world to the closets of the masses! I spend my time searching for the best in fashion & beauty. By best, I mean information that helps the masses along their fashion & beauty journey. I organize the info in one place making it easy to find! Fashion made simple!


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