Fall 2014’s Most Wearable Trends

Fall 2014’s Most Wearable Trends

Fall 2014’s Most Wearable Trends – Glamour

 fall 2014s most wearable trends

Fall 2014’s Most Wearable Trends – Welcome to Fall 2014. Although it is  October, most of us are just figuring out that summer is gone and fall is here! So our attention is now turning to, what should I be wearing?

You may not know our mission at Achievable Fashion, so I explain what we do. We make fashion simple. We feel that fashion is geared for those who have a ton of time and a ton of money. We are here to cater to the rest of us.

When is comes to current trends, seasonally we digest all the fashion goings on and interpret them for the masses. Think of Achievable Fashion as a bridge that connects the fashion world, runways and magazines, to your closet.  It is our job to sift through the trends, find the friendliest ones and help you add them to your life. We show you simple affordable ways to add them to your closet.

I like this article from Glamour Fall 2014’s Most Wearable Trends. It gives a good overview on what is going on in fashion for fall 2014.

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