Fall 2014 Dark Florals – Must Have Trend #6

Fall 2014 Dark Florals – Must Have Trend #6

Dark Florals Fall 2014 Must Have Trend #6


A Tidbit About Current Trends The Achievable Fashion Way

Book imageFall 201 Dark Florals 4 Must Have Trend #6 -Welcome to current trends, the Achievable Fashion way. When I resided on Fashion Frustration Lane, one of my issues was keeping up with current trends. Not only did I find it befuddling to figure out what the current trends were, I found it downright impossible to add them to my closet. I would flip through the latest mags, only to see things that were made for the thin and young. To add injury to insult, if I found something that may work for me, it usually cost the equivalent to a year of mortgage payments!

When I was working on a solution to move my residence from Fashion Frustration Lane to I Have a Grip Boulevard I realized figuring out how to incorporate current trends into my closet was a necessity. With deliberate studying and searching, I was able to add current trends into my life easily and inexpensively. (Keep in mind you must have the basics before you can add current trends to your closet, otherwise you are just adding to the mess you call a closet!) Because I knew I was not the only person in the world who found keeping up with current fashion trends impossible, naturally I decided to share.

Think of Achievable Fashion as a bridge that connects the fashion world, runways and magazines to your Closet.


How Fall 2014 Dark Florals Walked the Runways

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Fall 2014 Fashion Trend – in Your Closet!

Fall 2014 dark florals in your closet

 how to add fall 2014 dark florals to your closet

 how to wear fall 2014 dark florals

fall 2014 dark florals


Adding current trends to your closet can be a snap. A snap, providing you have the right basics to pair the current fashion trends with. That’s why building your Ultimate Wardrobe is so important.With the right wardrobe foundation, adding one trend can multiply your closet. Conversely adding one trend to a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, aka no basics, will only multiply the mess!

We mixed a dark floral dress with Basic Classic Wardrobe Items. You can shop this dress on our Dark Floral Trend Board. You can select any dark floral trend item you wish.

If you have not started to build your Ultimate Wardrobe yet get going! Download our Step 1 guide now.


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Because my goal is to bridge the fashion world to your closet, I am on the constant search for articles, products and anything else that will help you add the current tends into your life. Visit our board often as it will be updated on a regular basic during the season!

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