Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – Unbelievable!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – Unbelievable!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

toilet paper wedding dressToilet Paper Wedding Dress -Who can use a little fashion fun in their lives? I was trolling around the net, on the lookout for some great fashion / beauty info as usual, and found this. Toilet paper wedding dresses! When I found it, my first thought was, bingo, this is a perfect article to highlight in fashion fun. My second thought was, holy crap, I can’t believe these wedding dresses are actually made out of toilet paper!

As you know my mission is to help make fashion simple. Along the way, I would like to have a little fun, hence the fashion fun. So when I saw this article – You’ll Never Guess What These Wedding Dresses Are Made Of – Good Housekeeping Magazine, I knew it would be a goodie. If a toilet paper wedding dress does make fashion fun, I don’t know what does! This ain’t your mama’s toilet paper!

Kudos, to the designers. These are not the only toilet paper wedding dresses, there are many others. holds an annual competition to see who can make the best toilet paper wedding dress. You have to see the dresses!

See this years toilet paper wedding dresses along with toilet paper wedding dresses from previous years. Next time you reach for the toilet paper, just think of the possibilities!

This is fun!

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