Summer 2014 Hair Trends

Summer 2014 Hair Trends

Summer 2014 Hair Trends

summer 2014 hiar trends Summer 2014 Hair Trends – Okay if you anything like my former self you have no idea what the hottest hair trends for summer 2014 are. In fact, you may not even realize summer is here. For some reason I seem to be continually a season behind. I know my son is out of school, I know I just celebrated the forth of July, however, I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that summer is here. (PS, my morning walk that left me dripping with sweat isn’t smacking me into reality!)

I can only believe that the busy of life is what keeps me behind. One day I will catch up and realize what time of year I am in. Any-who, I can’t believe that I am the only one in the world that is not on par with time. Once those of us who are seasonally challenged realize it’s summer, who has time to scamper about and figure out what the current trends are? The only reason I know is that I have made it my job to keep up, and by the way this became my job out of my own desperation to know what was going on.

Back to Summer 2014 Hair Trends. I found this article, New Hair 2014 – Celebrity Hair Makeovers, In Style Magazine. If we want to get a fix on what is happening with hair trends Hollywood is a great place to take a peak. The celebs are usually wearing the latest and greatest hairstyles. Flip though the gallery to see the latest summer 2014 hair trends.

Flipping through the gallery will not only give you a hint of what the summer 2014 hair trends are, it may just help you find your new hair style. If you haven’t changed your hair for awhile, its time!!!


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