Perfect White Shirt – A Wardrobe Must!

Perfect White Shirt – A Wardrobe Must!

The Perfect White Shirt – A Wardrobe Essential!

perfect white shirtThe Perfect White Shirt – If you have the perfect white shirt you understand that it is a quintessential part of your closet. If you do not have the perfect white shirt, you must get one immediately! Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, get to the store and get your white shirt.

Part of The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe, the white shirt is a wardrobe must in your closet! The classic white shirt is so versatile, you will wear it so often, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. The classic white shirt is so important to your closet it made it’s way into Step 1 of building The Ultimate Wardrobe.

The classic white shirt has been an essential wardrobe item for decades. I love this article – Memorable White Shirt Memories Through the Decades – In Style. I came across it while searching around. I love it for two reasons. One, flipping through the gallery takes us on a trip down memory lane, and two, I love anything that shows the versatility of Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe Items. Flipping through the gallery you will see the classic white shirt worn a multitude of ways. From casual with jeans, to gala worthy with a long skirt – this wardrobe essential will get you everywhere you want to go.

This article proves that the white shirt is an absolute wardrobe must! I am always happy when I find articles supporting The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe. Our Ultimate Wardrobe is filled with key wardrobe pieces like the classic white shirt. All the essential wardrobe items that make up The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe are as versatile as the classic white shirt. They can be worn multiple ways– from casual to dressed to the 9’s, these pieces will make getting dressed a cinch!


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