Alkaline Food List – Foods that Slim

Alkaline Food List – Foods that Slim

Alkaline Food List – Slimming Food List

 Alkaline Food List Foods that slimAlkaline Food List, Alkaline Foods Helps Slim – Hopefully by now you know that my mission is to fill your fashion and beauty bags with tips and tricks. Armed with a bag full of fashion and beauty tips and tricks will help you along your journey. AKA make your life a bit easier. My job is to search through the sea of fashion and beauty information, pull out the best info, by best I mean most useful, and highlight it on The Achievable Fashion Magazine. Since many of us seem to struggle with our weight I thought I would have a section that deals with weight and weight management.

I am convinced more than ever that we, as a society, are not void of willpower, lazy, or uncaring about our bodies. I believe we are confused and eating foods that are all wrong for us, foods that are being mass produced and marketed to us even though they are not good for us. But that is a rant for another day!

With so much info where does one begin??? I believe that knowledge is power. If we know what is good for us and what is not good for us, we can begin to make intelligent decisions. The challenge is that we don’t have the time to find the knowledge we need to make good decisions. That’s where I come in. I have made it my job to search and bring useful information to the table. It is my goal to bring as much nutritional information as I can to you – bit by bit, so you can absorb it. You decide if the info interests you and if so you can research further on a given subject. Not everything I bring to you will interest you, that’s ok.

There has been much talk of alkaline foods as of late. So I thought this article, Your Guide to Alkaline Foods That Slim – First Magazine, was a good one to highlight. Now, I am not suggesting that you throw out all non alkaline foods, in fact some of the foods on the acidic side are super-foods that are very good for you – walnuts for example. I am suggesting that you read up on alkaline vs acidic, read the alkaline food list highlighted in the article and add it to your food knowledge bag.

Think of it like this, if you replace one not so good food choice with a great food choice each month, in
12 months you will have added in 12 great foods! My motto is this, time will pass no matter what we choose to do, why not choose do something that will help us become who we want to be.



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