Dressing Thinner – Illusion 101

Dressing Thinner – Illusion 101

Dressing Thinner –The Art of Illusion 101

Dressing  thinner Dressing Thinner – Looking our best isn’t about striving for the fashion worlds version of thin, it’s about dressing to make the most of what you have. The fashion world caters to those who are ultra thin, Achievable Fashion caters to the rest of us!

There are tricks and illusions we can use when we dress to dress our thinnest. When I say thinnest, I am not trying to make anyone a size 2, runway ready. I am simply sharing tips and tricks on dressing our thinnest. Whether size 6, 10, 14 or 24 the tips and tricks I am sharing will make the most of your body. I have seen women, size 2, look horrible in their fashion choices, and I have seen plus size women look amazing in their fashion choices. This is about dressing the thinnest for your body, not about striving to become skinny.

Dressing Thinner – Slim Your Body With Fashion Optical Illusion

I love this article, Slim Your Body With Fashion Optical Illusion, I found it while trolling around the net. It really applies the art of illusion to dressing thinner. First Notice the 4 lines in the photo. Although all the lines are equal, they appear very different. These 4 lines demonstrate how illusion works. This article then goes on to show you how illusion can be applied to dressing your thinnest.

After reading this article you will have a little more in your dressing thin bag of tricks! I am always happy when I can add to your bag of fashion tips and tricks. After all that is my goal with this magazine, to fill your bag with fashion and beauty tips and tricks that will assist you along your fashion and beauty journey.

Armed with the information in this article you will be able to select the best clothing options for you body. Dressing your thinnest just got a bit easier! I hope this info helps you along your fashion journey!


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