Dresses to Make Your Waist Look Smaller – Belly Busting Dresses More Mag!

Dresses to  Make Your Waist Look Smaller – Belly Busting Dresses More Mag!

 bellly busting dressesDresses to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

I found this article Belly Busting Dresses in More Magazine. This article highlights dresses that will make your waist look smaller.  I love this article because I have a little extra in my mid midsection and getting dressed can sometimes be a bit annoying. I’m not sure if the extra I have acquired around my midsection is a result of my love for food or a result of being 45. I was never a believer in blaming age for weight management, but after implementing a workout routine and being very conscious of what I eat, my scale has scarcely budged in weeks. Yikes!

With the extra around my belly I have to be careful what I wear. The wrong choice can leave me looking as if I have a spare tire wrapped around my midsection – which I have made on many occasions. This article shows many dresses that will hide the extra I have around my belly. I have always believed fashion is more about dressing for the body I have and not wishing for the body I don’t have. So this article outlines what dresses will work best for me, and for anyone else who has a bit extra in the middle. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a bit extra to hide.

Enjoy this article. You will get many tips and tricks on what dresses to get to whittle your middle.

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