2014 Makeup Trends- Orange Lipstick Trend – Orange is the New Red!

2014 Makeup Trends- Orange Lipstick Trend – Orange is the New Red!

2014 Makeup Trends – Orange Lips a Must!

Lipstick trends 2014 - orange lip trendOrange Lips -With each new season comes a slew of new makeup and fashion trends. My former self could never keep up with current fashion and makeup trends. I mean really unless you have a ton of time to sift through the sea of fashion and beauty info, who can keep up. My job is keeping up with current fashion and beauty trends and there are still days that I have a tough time keeping up.
My mission with Achievable Fashion is to make fashion and beauty simple. With the Achievable Fashion Magazine my goal is place all the good fashion and beauty info in one place, organizing it so it’s simple for you to find when you need it. I hope I’m achieving my mission– drop me a line if you have time to let me know how I’m doing.

Part of the Achievable Magazine is to dedicated to reporting the top 10 current trends. These top 10 trends can be fashion or beauty. The idea is to keep you updated – easily, making staying on top of the trends simple. Think of the top 10 trends section like this, I constantly search through the sea of fashion and beauty info – each time I see a new trend I report it to you.

Lipstick Trend of 2014 – Orange is the New Red!

Unless you live under a rock, or have absolutely no time to flip through a magazine – or search the web, you know that orange is the lipstick trend of 2014. I guess you could say that orange is the new red. If you have never worn orange lips 2014 is the time to give it a try– nothing like a good orange lip trend to make us run out and get our very own orange lipstick. Check out some great orange lip trends here!

Before you run out to purchase the hottest lipstick trend of spring/summer 2014 read this article I found,
How To Pick The Perfect Shade of Orange Lipstick For Your Skin tone. Finding the perfect orange may be a bit tricky if you don’t have some guidelines. That’s why I love doing what I do. Not only can I share with you what the current 2014 lipstick trend is – I get to help you find the perfect orange for your skin tone. Just another way Achievable Fashion is helping you along your beauty journey. Check out my pinterest board for much more!

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