Fashion No No’s – I’m Not the Only One On Fashion Disaster Drive!

Fashion No No’s – I’m Not the Only One On Fashion Disaster Drive!

 Glamour Magazine 27 Cringeworthy Fashion Don'ts

Fashion No No’s

It’s really great to know that I am not the only fool out there making fashion no no’s. On my journey to get fashion right, there have been and will continue to be wrong turns and wrong choices made. This article in Glamour Magazine makes me realize I am not the only fool making the occasion sharp left onto Fashion Disaster Drive. If the fashion elite, those who have access to all things fashion – stylists, designers and budgets, along with the time to get it right can suddenly find themselves on Fashion Gone Completely Crazy Causeway – who am I to feel bad when I make an occasional  wrong turn.

Along with striving to help make fashion achievable to all – I strive to make people laugh and see the humor in things. That’s the very reason I have a fashion don’ts section. There is nothing that can generate a good laugh like  great fashion no no’s! Over time there have been fashion no no’s made by some of the greatest fashion icons.

 Why I love Fashion No No’s

Because I think we beat ourselves up when we commit fashion no no’s. I feel it my duty to highlight articles like this. Why? Because after you read them, you feel better.

After reading this you will realize that unless you have gone to a gala wearing a steak, gone to a wedding  with your underwear or  your  rear hanging out,  you are actually doing ok.


These 27 fashion no no’s are for all of us who have ever felt silly with our fashion choices…we no longer have to feel bad – we are not alone. You  now have proof that all those times your pants were too tight, tops to big, skirts too short, etc, someone, somewhere looked worse!!!


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