Magazine to Your Closet – BVLGARI Statement Necklace!

Magazine to Your Closet – BVLGARI Statement Necklace!

Add New Post ‹ Achievable Fashion — WordPress - Windows Internet Explorer_2013-09-15_12-43-35After Searching through the latest fashion magazines, Elle, Vogue, Bazaar and others, there is one thing for sure; statement necklaces are a top accessory fashion trend for fall 2013. 

As you know, Achievable Fashion caters to everyday women, the statement necklaces  in the top fashion magazines aren’t really attainable to them.   

 So as usual I make it my job to interpret the latest fashion trends and find attainable alternatives to the high price versions of the latest fashion trends in the magazines.  

 Think of it like this, I bring the magazines to your closet!  Sometimes the search for attainable versions of the latest fashion trends is easy and sometimes it’s impossible.  I was so excited about this find.

 This BVLGARI Necklace was in every magazine I flipped through this month.  It is beautiful!  I have no idea how much it is because I could not find this piece on the website.  I can only say that much smaller pieces on the site were well over $10,000! Now, you know how I feel about this.  If you are in that league and can afford it, by all means go for it.  I, however, cannot and believe I am the norm.

 So if you are like me, not able to afford the fashion trends you see in the magazines but love current fashion trends, Achievable Fashion will become your new BFF! 

 Here are two alternatives to the BVLGAI necklace.  I like to call them the Achievable Fashion versions.

                    HSN,  RJ Graziano.  It also has a matching bracelet!

BLVGARI look for less RJ GRAZIANO HsnBLVGARI look for less bracelet RJ GRAZIANO HSN


                                      Emitations. One of  my favorite stores for costume jewelry!


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