John Hardy Inspired Bracelet – From Magazine to Your Closet

John Hardy Inspired  Bracelet – From Magazine to Your Closet

img015-791x1024Hopefully by now you know that From Magazine to your closet is affordable alternatives to the current fashion trends in the magazines.  The idea for this section of the Achievable Fashion Magazine came from my own frustration with fashion. I loved flipping through the latest fashion magazines; however I was always left disappointed.  Although I loved the beautiful things I saw as I flipped through the pages of the magazines, nothing was ever attainable to me.  

  I will always believe that the fashion world caters to the “ultras “of the world, the ultra – rich, the ultra – thin and the ultra-beautiful. Achievable Fashion caters to everyone else, what I like to call everyday women or the masses. 

 In an attempt to bring fashion to all I decided to create the From Magazine to Your Closet section of the Achievable Fashion Magazine.

 Each Month I flip through the magazines, pull out my favorite things and find everyday versions. This month my favs include these John Hardy bracelets.  I love, love, love everything about them.  Well almost everything. The price tag I do not love.  The price of these bracelets is way out of my league, so I image they do not fit most budgets.  After visiting the site I can tell you most bracelets here are well over $1000.00 each. 

 It is my mission to bring the magazines to your closet so I am quite pleased to highlight the bracelets I found at one of my go to fashion jewelry stores – fantasy jewelry box.  I think you may agree that these bracelets are a great alternative to the designer inspiration ones. 

 I realize they may not be an exact match; I am never attempting to get exact matches, just fabulous alternatives to the unattainable version of current fashion trends.

                                  John Hardy Inspired Mesh and CZ Bracelets



darcys-slim-silver-mesh-bangle     John hardey inspired gold mesh bracelet with crystals     untitled   

CZ silver cuff                   


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