The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Women Should Own.

The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Women Should Own.


 the 10 makeup brushes eveywoman should own I love this article.  I found it on Huff Post Style, The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own – by Sarah Kelsey.  This article is as direct as it gets, which I LOVE.  After reading this article you will know what makeup brushes you need, why you need them and how having the right makeup brushes will make your makeup journey a bit easier. Helping make your beauty journey a bit easier is The Achievable Fashion Beauty Reports mission, so I am thrilled to report this article to you. 


 Now that will you know what 10 makeup bushes you should own, I am sure your next question will be, where do I purchase these 10 makeup brushes?     Part of the answer to that depends on your budget.  Achievable Fashion caters to everyday ladies, for the most part everyday ladies stick to strict budgets when shopping. 


 From experience I can tell you expensive does not always mean better.  If you are building your makeup brush set from scratch, I suggest getting what you need inexpensively. Then over time add higher priced bushes into your kit one at a time. You may never see the need for more expensive brushes and that is ok. 


Elf has a large selection of budget friendly brushes. 


beauty com has a large selection of brushes if you are looking to invest a bit more.







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