The Look for Less – Blake Lively’s Red Carpet Look!

The Look for Less – Blake Lively’s Red Carpet Look!

 Get blake livelys red carpet lookI love Hollywood! I love the romance and style of Hollywood. I love the celebs, they are always put together!  

Although I love admiring the celebs, I find it a bit frustrating to attempt to get the same looks.  For those of us who do not reside on Rodeo Drive or anywhere near, trying to achieve the same looks our favorite celebs tout can be a bit daunting.

Let’s look at the facts.  Celebs have “a bit” more disposable income to drop on looking great, generally tend to be super beautiful, and are put together by people whose jobs are actually to put them together. 

Since most of us do not have the same perks as the celebs achieving the same looks are not easy. 

 That’s why I have made it my job is to bring the runways, magazines and red carpets to real women’s closets. I think it is only fair for those of us non – celebs to have some red carpet in our lives!

With these pieces you can be Blake Lively fabulous!    

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