Your Body Looks Awsome in That Suit! Glamour Magazine

Your Body Looks Awsome in That Suit! Glamour Magazine

Your body looks great in that suit glamour magazineWelcome to summer 2013!  Now that July is ¾ of the way through I guess I’ll post some new swimsuit articles. LOL! As you know my gig is to search through the sea of fashion information, magazines and the web, sort out the crap and report the useful stuff.  By useful I mean information that will help us every day ladies on our fashion journey.  Because it is summer I will attempt to solve the ultimate mystery, which bathing suit will make me look fabulous.  I think this is a mystery to most so any information that will help crack the case is worthy of reporting. I know I am a bit late in the season – story of my life. So in stead of looking at this like I am late,  I’ll look at this as being super early for holiday travel!

My ultimate goal is to stock the Achievable Fashion Magazine with so much fashion information that anything you may need will be in one place. (No matter when you need it – making what time of year I post virtually non -important!)  

 Ok, back to summer 2013 and finding a bathing suit that is right for your body.  With all the bathing suit choices out there where does one begin to find the perfect one?   Finding the perfect bathing suit is more about learning what works best with our bodies. As with all fashion it is about highlighting our assets and lowlighting our areas that are not what we would call assets. It is about learning what works with what we have.  At some point, I’m not sure when, I took a sharp right off  Wishing my Body was Something Else Lane and Landed on I Love What I Have – Can Someone Just Tell Me How to Dress it Boulevard.  My way of saying, I learned to stop wishing for the body I didn’t have and appreciate the body I do have.  I am hoping you too take that sharp right and learn to love what you have!

 This article, Your Body Looks Awesome that Suit, Glamour Magazine May 2013,  highlights bathing suits for athletic legs, bathing suits for plus sizes, bathing suits for larger butts, bathing suits for boyish / straight figures, bathing suits for curvy figures, and bathing suits for larger chests.  Learning what works best for you will have you looking and feeling fantastic on the beach! 


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