The Best Summer Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone – Glamour Magazine

The Best Summer Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone – Glamour Magazine

03-July-MIN-Fuchsia-w724I am convinced that many of us can’t seem to get fashion / beauty right simply because we have no time to do so.  I remember wishing for one place I could go to and get all the fashion and beauty info I needed.  Trends, how to info, just any and all info I needed to make my fashion journey a bit smoother.     I longed for one place that would keep me updated and in the know on all things fashion and beauty. Not only did I want this place to keep me updated with current trends, I wanted it to help me, an everyday woman add these trends into my life. Looking back, all I really wanted was someone to tell me what was in and where I could get it. Because this “place” didn’t exist I decided to create it myself.


I guess the jokes on me, because now that I created it, it takes a ton of work with equates to a ton of time. In case you are new to us, Achievable Fashion and The Achievable Fashion Beauty Report are for the un-fashionistas of the world. They are for every day ladies, who I believe, rule the world. I affectionately call us every day ladies, the masses.      


I sort through the sea of fashion and beauty info, sift out the crap and report the good stuff.  I love this article The Best Summer Nail Shades for Your Skin Tone, Glamour Magazine.  I love to not only report the trends, but to also bring useful tools to women. Although this article focuses on what summer nail colors work best on your skin tone it will help you know what colors work best for you in all things.  So whether you are looking at nail colors or other fashion items you will begin to know what works best on you.  The key to mastering fashion is to know what works best on you!  

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