Wardrobe Essentials – The Tee is a Basic Classic Fashion Staple!

Wardrobe Essentials – The Tee is a Basic Classic Fashion Staple!

By now you know that I love, love, love classic pieces.  If you have downloaded my first book, you know that you need these classic pieces, aka essential wardrobe items if you hope to rid yourself of that closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  A good portion of the reason for the infamous closet full of clothes and nothing to wear is that we lack the essentials / classic pieces.


If you have read my first book — get it now and get a grip, you know that tees are an essential part of your Basic Classic Wardrobe (BCW).  Tees can be worn with anything, anywhere.

Everyone wears tees. Check out these celebs sporting their favorite tees.

Back to Basics with COLLECTIVE SS13


When you are first building your BCW I suggest you get one black tee  and one white tee.  Once you have your white and black tees, you can add more tees to your closet.  The key to building a working wardrobe is to get one of everything you need first, then go back and add in your multiples.  Add in as many as you like, you really can’t have too many great fitting tees.


I am always on the search for great places you can purchase pieces for your Achievable Fashion Basic Classic Wardrobe.  Part of making your fashion journey a bit easier is to do the searching for you.   So when COLLECTIVE was brought to my attention I was thrilled!  These tees are not only perfect for your wardrobe, but also Eco – conscious and help support local farmers. COLLECTIVE helps farmers in the Meatu area of Tanzania with income generation which promotes sustainable development of Meatu. If that’s not win win I don’t know what is.


Check out Collective, not only for their tees, but for their responsibility also!

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