Get Rid of Dark Circles!

Get Rid of Dark Circles!

Easy ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes Dark circles under the eyes may be one of the most common issues we have.  I love it when I find an article that addresses common issues.  How do we get rid of those pesky dark circles under our eyes?  First and foremost make sure you are getting enough sleep, lack of sleep will surely have those dark circles under your eyes looking their worst. 

 I came across this article in Oprah Magazine – “How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Your Eyes.”  I find this article report worthy because; most women complain of dark circles under their eyes and   I love the simple to follow steps of concealing dark circles. This article gives you the steps and the tools you need to do your under eye concealing, easy! I have also researched some great tools for you to use!  

 Busy ladies need things as simple as possible. That’s why I love this article simple and easy! Pay close attention when placing  concealer on your dark areas, making sure to only get the concealer where it is dark.  Think outline and fill in the lines… remember back to coloring!

Here are some tools I have researched for you! Click on image for more options!

               Concealer                                                                    Powder

concealer get rid of dark circles            translucent powder get rid of dark circles under your eyes


Waterproof Eyeliner                                        Conceler   Brush


brown waterproof eyeliner                 concealer brush get rid of dark under eye circles

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