Clear Heels – Spring 2013 Trend

Clear Heels – Spring 2013 Trend

 Clear Heels Spring 2013 Fashion Trend



 I just flipped through this month’s Allure Magazine.  By now you should know my gig is to find the best fashion information and report it on the Achievable Fashion Magazine.  By best fashion information I mean useful fashion information.  Let’s face it the fashion world caters to the ultra – rich and the ultra – thin so a lot of the fashion stuff out there does not apply to the masses and there for is  non-useful. 

 After searching through sea of fashion info each month I report what I think real women – the masses can use.  I found 2 trends in the Allure April issue that I think we can all add into our lives.  The first trend is the clear heel.  I love the look of this clear heel. Be careful with this trend, there is a fine line between trendy and trashy on this one.  Just search clear shoe on Google and you will see what I mean. 

 Naturally the clear shoes that Allure highlighted come with hefty price tags, the least expensive is $325.00. From $325 the prices steadily climb until they reach $1195.00! Yikes! This is why I created Achievable Fashion, who can really spend $325 – $1195 on a pair of shoes that will most likely be out next season.  I know I can’t.

 I pride myself for bringing the runways, magazines and red carpets to average women’s closets. So like I always do,  I have found some much cheaper clear heel shoe choices for you.  Although the choices I found  are much less than the shoes Allure magazine is showing, you will still have to pay a bit to add these to your wardrobe this season.  Usually I like to find trends  under $50 – making it very budget friendly, but with this one I could not.

 Sometimes we just have to spend a bit more. 

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