Apply Color Theory to Eye Shadow – Beauty Report Article of the Month!

Apply Color Theory to Eye Shadow – Beauty Report Article of the Month!

ColourWheel1I have found the first Achievable Fashion Beauty Report Article of the Month!  (I am so excited!)

Let’s review who gets the coveted Article of the Month Award.  As you know, I spend my time trolling the web and flipping through magazines to find useful information that will help women along their fashion and beauty journey. I decided to do this because whenever I needed fashion or beauty information I would search for hours only to come up with a bunch of nonsense. Nonsense that was geared for the ultra-young, ultra – rich, ultra – beautiful and ultra – thin.

I became overwhelmed, confused and annoyed every time I needed information on either fashion or beauty. Because I was overwhelmed, confused and annoyed I thought others might be too. Because the fashion and beauty world seemed to cater to the “Ultras “of the world I decided to create a website that would cater to everyday women, which I affectionately refer to as the masses! With that, I have made it my job to sift through the sea of fashion and beauty information,  throw out the nonsense and report the useful stuff, you know the stuff we real ladies – the masses – can use.  Whatever article I feel is the most useful of the articles I find each month gets the coveted Article of the Month Award!

Any who, back to the first ever Beauty Article of the Month.  I love this article, “Handy Hint – Makeup Color Wheels.”  I love it because I don’t think many of us know what we are doing when it comes to selecting eye shadow.  I know that before I began researching makeup, what colors to wear, how to apply, should I wear shimmer, etc. I had no clue what I was doing.  All I knew was that some days my eye makeup looked good and other days it did not.  I had absolutely no clue why it looked good sometimes or why it looked horrid other times.

When it comes to making our eyes look amazing there are many things we need to know.  One of the things we need to know is which colors work best for the color of our eyes.  Although there are not hard core rules these days when it comes to eye shadow color, there are some definite colors that will highlight your eyes and make them pop! Utilizing color theory when selecting eye shadow will have your eyes standing out, not the eye shadow.

Although using color theory when selecting eye shadow color will have our eyes looking there best, color theory is not something we usually associate with eye shadow.  We are taught and think color theory when it comes to art, but rarely do we apply this knowledge to our eye shadow selecting.   And unless we have taken art at some point, we may not have a clue about color theory.  Thus the reason for all the incorrect eye shadow colors being touted around town!    When you apply color theory to selecting eye shadow colors, your eyes look their best!

I love this article because it explains how to apply color theory when selecting eye shadow colors. After reading this you will have a clear understanding of what eye shadow colors will work best for your eye color.

This article is named Article of the Month this month because it is information every women can easily apply to themselves making their beauty journey a bit easier.

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