60’s Inspired Graphic Dresses- Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

60’s Inspired Graphic Dresses- Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

   60's inspired graphic dress

In case you are new to Achievable Fashion, let me explain who we are.  I am Karyn and my mission is to rid all women of their infamous closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I will accomplish my mission by helping women build the ultimate wardrobe.

Step one – build the ultimate wardrobe. Get my fist book, it’s free, and build your Basic Classic Wardrobe.  Building your Basic Classic Wardrobe is stage one of building the ultimate wardrobe. My first book outlines how to do so.

Step two – Stay updated on all things fashion.

The Achievable Fashion Site and Magazine are dedicated to keeping you in the updated on all things fashion. Not only do we keep you updated, but we also make adding current trends into your life easy and affordable!

This trend, graphic 60’s inspired pieces, was in the March issue of Elle.  (Okay I am a bit behind – story of my life!)

I love these graphic dresses.  They are fun, flirty, and work for most body types!    Some of the dresses highlighted here are actually budget friendly. Check out the dress from ASOS! Be still my heart, something in a fashion magazine I can actually purchase!  Okay let’s not get crazy there are only 2 dresses highlighted that won’t break the bank.

So as usual I have found many more for you to choose from!

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