How to Wear Flats, Oxfords and Low Heels!

How to Wear Flats, Oxfords and Low Heels!

item0_rendition_slideshowVertical_dearlucky-ballet-flatsAs you know, I am constantly searching for the best fashion information. When I say the best, I mean useful fashion information. You know, information us real ladies can actually use!  I am not interested in reporting the latest and greatest from the fashion houses in Milan, not because I don’t love that fashion, but because I just don’t think it’s relevant to most of us!


Whenever I find fashion info for us real ladies I report it on the Achievable Fashion Magazine. The Achievable Magazine is filed with the best and relevant fashion info for us real women – who I like to refer to as the masses!


 I love this article / QA from Lucky magazine.  It explains how to wear flats, oxfords and low heels. Since this season has many flats, oxfords and low heels, I am sure many of us are thinking, “What do I wear with this seasons flats, oxfords and low heels?” Wonder no more, Lucky Magazine has answered the question for us! Thank you Lucky Magazine!

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