How to Get the Look: FENDI Inspired Bag!

How to Get the Look: FENDI Inspired Bag!




 I love this FENDI bag.  I found it while flipping through the latest fashion magazine, I would tell you which magazine but I forgot which one.  Isn’t this bag gorgeous?  I know that FENDI is a designer name that won’t fit into my budget. I couldn’t find the exact bag to price it.  I did price similar bags and they $3500.00, yikes!

I’m not sure about you, but that is not even a possibility for me.  Since my gut tells me that $3500.00 for a bag won’t work for most,  I found a fabulous alternative.  That’s my gig.  I interpret fashion for the masses, make it budget freindly for all – thus achievable!

I found this great FENDI alternative at  Fashlets I love  Fashlets!  They have great bags for great prices.  Many of their bags are inspired by today’s hottest trends.

 FENDI Inspired blue bag

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