How to: Dressing by the Decades

How to: Dressing by the Decades


More Magazine How to dress in your 30s 40s 50s 60sAchievable Fashion is always on the prowl for fabulous fashion information. By fabulous, I mean useful. Many times the fashion world forgets that most of us are not the “couture ladies” they seem to cater to. This forgetfulness on the part of the fashion world, can make our – real ladies – fashion journey a bit complicated.

With that said, I am forever trying to create a bridge from the runways and magazines to the closets of real women – which I like to refer to as the masses. Why do I like to refer to us as the masses? Simply put, I think there are way more of me out there than those who can actually follow the fashion world.

Here is a useful article. I found it in the March Issue of More Magazine. “What to Ware in Your 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. If we want to look fashion forward it very important to dress age appropriate. Have you ever been at a party and someone in their 40’s is dressed in something that belongs on a 20 year old? Awful Right? There may not be any worse fashion mistake than not dressing age appropriate.

I have to believe the only reason one would dress inappropriate for their age is that they really don’t know any better. Thus my love of this article. It points out how to dress in your 30s, how to dress in your 40s, how to dress in your 50s and how to dress in your 60s. I am not sure why they stopped at 60s, maybe More Magazine has not gotten the memo that we are living much longer these days! LOL

Anyway check out this article for tips on how to dress age appropriate. After reading this you will never be the fool looking like a fool!

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