The Look for Less : Angelina Jolie at the 81st Academy Awards

The Look for Less : Angelina Jolie at the 81st Academy Awards


 Angelina Jolie at the 81st Academy AwardsWho could forget Angelina Jolie at the 81st Academy Awards? She was stunning – as if we would find her anything other way.

 If you look at her total look you will notice that her jewelry is what made this a red carpet classic we won’t ever forget.

 I believe the emerald earrings Angelina wore are valued over 2 million dollars! Who, but a movie star or a princess would have the honor of wearing such jewels. I do not have a clue the value of the ring she wore, but I am sure it is out of reach for most.

I don’t know about you, but I could care less about wearing 2 million dollar earrings or a ring that probably cost more that 10 of my houses. I just care about getting the same look. Let’s be honest , if the earrings were not worth 2 million and the ring was not real, Angelina would have looked equally stunning on the red carpet. ( Sorry Jeweler.)

  My job at Achievable Fashion is to bring the runways, magazines and red carpet looks into the closets of real women. When I say real women I mean the majority of us do not have unlimited budgets and wear size 0. You know the non – movie stars and the non – princesses! I like to affectionately refer to the majority as the masses.

 These pieces from Emitations will allow the rest of us to get the look that Angelina Jolie had at the 81st Academy Awards. Now that is fashion for the masses!




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