Fix Those Stretched Lobes!

Fix Those Stretched Lobes!


How to Fix Stretched Lobes!

Okay, where were you in the 80’s / early 90’s?  If during this time you were fleeing local night clubs at 4 am when the lights turned on,  you know exactly what I am talking about — then you are very familiar with these earrings aka, door knockers!  Everything during the 80’s and into the early 90’s was big and exaggerated.  From hair to earrings, it had to be big! I think this must be where the saying Go Big or go home started!

 However ridiculous, I’m glad we had these times… when in need of a good laugh all you need to do is go to your 80’s / early 90’s file and pull out a photo.    We all love a big hair post on FB!

 Back to the earrings. I had a very similar pair, in fact I am wondering if these are mine!  Not only were they big, they were even heavier. I can remember my earlobes killing by the end of the night. One might think that would have stopped me from wearing them, not a chance.


 You think someone could have been smart enough to make earrings big, but be light? Again, not a chance! For those of us who were heavy earring warriors back in the day, there is a good chance we have stretched ear lobes and stretched piercings.  I myself cannot wear earrings in my first earring hole.  I guess it’s a good thing multiple earring piercings were also popular with the door knocker earrings.  (5 in each ear I touted proudly!)  Can someone please explain to me how my parents did not kill me, if for nothing else, stupidity!


Challenge – stupidity has left many of us with stretched earring piercings.


Solution Lobe Wonder. Here are support patches so we can again wear earrings in those stretched lobes.  These are worth trying. 


Check them out and wear earrings in your first earring piercing again!

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