Pearl Rings – Magazine to Real Life

Pearl Rings – Magazine to Real Life


The March Bazar Magazine has a ton of things I love!  I have already reported some of my favs and more will follow!  Here is a photo, from “The Party” – Chic Soirees, The best entertaining tips from top designers, showing some gorgeous pearl rings.

I am a lover of fantastic cocktail rings.   A few fabulous cocktail rings are a must in every ladies wardrobe.  Included in those few has to be a fabulous pearl ring!  The rings in this photo fit the bill; they are big, bold, and a statement they make.

Financially however, unless you are among the elite there is no way you are getting your hands on them. In fact there are no prices, which means, holy price tag.  So for those of us who aren’t willing to take out a second mortgage on our home to purchase a cocktail ring, here are two wonderful choices.  Is that Magazine to Real Life or what?

tpa_2251_4184809     tpa_2251_58921484

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