Ippolita Ring – Magazine to Real Life

Ippolita Ring – Magazine to Real Life


Another favorite of mine from the March issue of Bazar Magazine is this Ippolita ring.  The Color is stunning; the water affect is a big spring 2013 trend.  This ring will look gorgeous with an all-white ensemble and matching blue earrings.  Perfect for those warm nights to come!

Take the needle off the record…at $1,095.00 I realized I can’t have it. Like most other things in the fashion magazines this ring is out of range financially for most of us, what I affectionately call the masses.

So as always, off to work I went to find the Achievable Fashion alternative for me, and the masses; the Magazine to Real Life version if you will.

Check out this almost perfect version for those of us who are part of the mass! I also found her sister earrings. Its days like these that make me think, hot diggity dog I’m good!

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