Achievable Fashion’s Favorite Spring 2013 Shoe Trends!

Achievable Fashion’s Favorite Spring 2013 Shoe Trends!

Okay, now that I have your attention, don’t worry these aren’t in!  Run, don’t walk, to the nearest salon /spa where pedicures are on their menu!   Why, it is finally time to say goodbye to our boots and say hello to open toes and less coverage. If you are like me, yikes, is what you are thinking.  Get ready; this is what we wait all winter for!

Here are Achievable Fashion’s favorite shoe trends for spring 2013! Our favorite in part because they can be easily added to the Achievable Fashion Basic Classic Wardrobe!

Thank you to Lucky Magazine! Their Guide to Shoes is always a huge help!  Remember, Achievable Fashion is not trying to create or design anything, we just sift, sort and report what we think is the useful fashion stuff!  And  most importantly  option at your fingertips!  ( Can I please get an easy button!)

Here are our Favs!


Gladiators -



Floral Shoes –


Ankle – Straps -



Low Heels –



Lace Espadrilles –



Cork Wedges –



Platform Sandals -

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