What Bra do I Wear with That???

What Bra do I Wear with That???

I have been on the search for an article on special occasion bras.  A sort of “What every woman needs in her special occasion bra wardrobe.”  Since I haven’t found one that I like and the holiday parties are beginning, I guess I have to write my very own.  (Please let the records show, I much prefer finding great articles that are already written!)

 Let’s name this; “I’m lucky if I can find the right outfit for the party, so chances are I don’t have the right bra! Can someone just tell me what I need in my bra drawer and tell m where I can buy it!”


Okay that name — is really how Achievable Fashion was born.  I wanted someone to tell me why I was a fashion miss, what I needed to fix it, and where I could get it.  Since no one seemed to be able to, I had to do it all myself. 

 Blah Blah.

 Okay remember part of my gig is to have a system for everything including our wardrobes. My wardrobe system is this, figure out what you need to have and get it! (Simple right. Yes, but don’t confuse simple with easy. Building a wardrobe is time consuming and aggravating.)  However, if we take the time to build our wardrobes our lives will be that much easier.  So let’s focus on our special occasion bra wardrobe. 

 Since I still don’t have the right special occasion bra wardrobe – I am assuming there are a few of you who are also lacking in this department.  So here is what we should all have in our special occasion bra drawer.

 For times when we are wearing a racer back top or dress we need a racer back bra.


 For plunging necklines we need a deep-front convertible bra.


 For low backs / backless we have two options.  We can get a backless adhesive bra. We can also get this neat gadget that can turn all your bras into low back bras.  Braza Bra is where I found this neat item. I love this!


 I believe our bra drawer should also have a bandeau bra along with a convertible bra. 


The bandeau bra is great when you are wearing a lower cut top and cleavage in not appropriate.  Inappropriate cleavage is never good!

 Our drawer should also have a stock of privacy petals.  If you have not heard of these you will love them.  There may be nothing worse than getting caught in the frozen food section at the grocery store with a thin shirt and an unpadded bra!   


Okay I think that covers it.  That’s what you need and I have directed you to where to get it. Okay book mark these two stores.  Maiden Form and Braza Bra – if you can’t find what you need at one of these two stores you are out of luck!


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