Look for Less – The Mulberry Bag!

Look for Less – The Mulberry Bag!

Check out this gorgeous Alexa Bag by Mulberry. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sashay down the street with this puppy, aka bag. The fact of the matter is, this bag costs more than most mortgage payments, which eliminates it as budget friendly for the majority of us.

Here’s where Achievable Fashion comes in. We find a way, for those of us who can’t drop the average mortgage payment on a bag, to get a similar look. Here is the Mulberry next to a bag we found at Bag Inc. Ok, it’s no Mulberry Bag, but I think it is a similar look. Hey for only $79.00 I’ll take it!









Mulberry Bag $1200.00

Bag Inc $79.00









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