Achievable Fashion Loves the Carrie Necklace!

Achievable Fashion Loves the Carrie Necklace!

Sex and the City represented so many things to so many. For me, it represented and still represents the ultimate bond that women share.  No matter where or what life brings us, great friends are there every step of the journey.

It is hard to talk about Sex and the City and not mention the Carrie Necklace.  I can’t think of another piece of jewelry that has so much meaning attached to it.  The Carrie Necklace represents friendships, independence, strength, and being true to who you are.  I think the Carrie Necklace, is a reminder that no matter how many roles I play, mother, friend, daughter, teacher, sister, etc. I must remain true to myself.  I have to remain me, who I am, what I want, and what I believe. If we are true to ourselves, we can then excel in all our roles.


Do you recall when Carrie lost her necklace? I remember the desperation I felt for Carrie when she thought she lost her necklace.  It wasn’t about the necklace; it was about Carrie losing herself.


I think every woman should have a Carrie Necklace.  I think she should wear it once in a while as a reminder to stay true to herself.  If we stay true to ourselves, no matter what roles we play we never lose who we are!


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