We Love Just Jewelry – Fringe Jewelry!

We Love Just Jewelry – Fringe Jewelry!

Just Jewelry is a home sales company.  They have current trend jewelry items that are right in line with what is happening in fashion.  We love Just Jewelry because their price point is very reasonable and simple.  Nothing, except very excusive items, is over $26.00.  Bracelets are $15.00, Rings are $18.00, Necklaces are $22.00 and watches are $26.00.

Fringe jewelry is hot right now.  We love Just Jewelry’s Licorice earrings shown above.(pg. 22 of catalogue)  We also love their Angel Food Cake (pg 23) earrings and their Cookie Doug necklace.(back page)

Check out this fun, fashion forward accessory company.  Great way to start your own business!

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